World Top Ten Fashion Designers Collection

World Top Ten Fashion Designers CollectionWorld Top Ten Fashion Designers Collection

1. Karl Lagerfeld is the world’s most famous master of international fashion design. Karl Lagerfeld is the current chief designer of Chanel and FENDI. The fashion industry is known as “Lafayette” and “Karl the Great”. In his own brand, Karl Lagerfeld’s design personality is fully reflected: fit, narrow-body, narrow sleeves with outwardly tailored lines, classic style and street taste combined, forming a lot of innovation.

2. Issey Miyake, a great master of art, his fashion is extremely creative, integrating simplicity, basics and modernity. Issey Miyake seems to have been independent of European and American haute couture. His design ideas can almost compete with the entire western fashion design community, and it is a new design style that represents a new direction in the future. Issey Miyake’s design extends directly into the field of fabric design. He applied traditional technology from ancient times to the present day, applied modern technology, and combined his personal philosophical ideas to create unique and incredible fabrics and clothing, known as “Fabric Magician”

3. Rei Kawakubo (English name: Rei Kawakubo), a Japanese female designer who developed in France, used the “Comme des Garcons” to directly explain the concepts of fashion and design she understood. (The French “Comme” means “How” and “Like”, “Comme des Garcons” means As Boys, which means “like a boy”) The original avant-garde image, which integrates the concepts of East and West, is Kawakubo The reason Ling is known as an “alternative designer”. ReiKawakubo’s status in Japan is, even more, a godmother of fashion.

4. Kenzo Takada (KENZO, also translated as “Kazuo”) was the first Asian designer to venture out of Paris, and he showed a way to success for latecomers. Kenzo Takada (KENZO) ‘s optimistic spirit and poetic beauty have continued in the design. Master Kenzo Takada (KENZO) is like a “sponge of art wood”, absorbing various cultural materials, and then fully merging with modern fashion through his genius association, transforming into colorful works full of fun and spring. Kenzo Takada (KENZO) boldly absorbs the characteristics of various national costumes, breaks the traditional over-dry balance design, and makes full use of the combination of the flat composition and straight cutting of oriental national clothing to form a loose and free dress style. The way of dressing freely with multiple colors is unique to KENZO.

Kenzo Takada (KENZO) is well known for his best-selling brand “KENZO”. The humble and humorous artist with a bright smile and long, doll-like hair, also experienced bleak and difficult times on his successful journey to Paris, but his work has never been in the least sadness. Just like Renior’s paintings, there are only happy colors and romantic imaginations. He was thus called “the Renoir of the fashion world”. Kenzo Takada (KENZO) is not only a boutique in the fashion industry, it is also famous in the field of cosmetics and perfumes. Kenzo Takada (KENZO) ‘s fashion is not the kind of unique and elevating, it has a little tradition, there are many passionate colors, there are living patterns, and a bit wild. Almost every style can be found in actual wear, but the attractiveness makes you never get bored

5. Alexander McQueen, once a famous “bad boy” in the British fashion circle, was called “enfant terrible” and “the hooligan of English fashion”.
McQueen was born in East End, London, speaking with a strong London accent. His father was a local taxi driver. McQueen started making clothes for his three sisters as a child, and at that time decided to become a fashion designer in the future. Although he was a teenager and became a designer of superior use, he is from the middle and lower civilian class and is proud of it. His rebellious personality is also manifested in the disdain of the middle class, so his clothes always show a degenerate temperament in honor.

6, Valentino Garavani (ValentinoGaravani), Valentino Garavani is recognized as one of the most important designers and innovators in the history of fashion. Valentino, a master of world fashion design known for his luxurious and glamorous design style, uses his innate artistic inspiration to guide the elegance of noble life in the colorful fashion world, interpreting luxury and luxury Modern lifestyle. Valentino likes to use the purest colors, of which bright red can be said to be his standard color. The fine workmanship of Valenti is very sophisticated, from the whole to every small detail. Valentino is a symbol of luxury and extravagant lifestyle, and is very much loved by celebrities who seek perfection.

7, Yohji Yamamoto, the new head of the Japanese fashion wave in the world. Design style: simple and full of charm, smooth lines, anti-fashion style, known for men’s clothing.
Yohji Yamamoto is a mystery, a mystery that combines the calm and delicate character of the East. In his fashion creation, the mystery is displayed in front of the public in a manner without borders and national differences. Orientals naturally understand Yohji Yamamoto better than Westerners. Designer Yamamoto is one of the avant-garde figures who broke into the Paris fashion scene in the 1980s. Together with Issey Miyake and Rei Kawakubo, he combined Western-style architectural style design with Japanese clothing traditions, so that clothing is not only a cover for the body but also a communication link between the wearer, the body and the designer’s spiritual charm. . Yamamoto likes to draw inspiration from the beauty of traditional Japanese clothing, and convey the idea of ​​fashion through rich combinations of colors and materials. In the West, three-dimensional cuts are made on the human body model from top to bottom.

Yamamoto uses a two-dimensional straight line to form an asymmetrical appearance. This unique idea is the essence of Japanese traditional clothing culture. The irregular form is not artificial at all, but it seems natural and smooth. In Yamamoto’s clothing, asymmetrical collars and hem are common, and the brand’s clothing will follow different postures after wearing it. Yamamoto did not follow Western fashion trends, but instead boldly developed the essence of Japanese traditional clothing culture, forming an anti-fashion style. This new dress concept, which runs counter to the mainstream of the West, has not only established itself in the fashion industry but has also influenced Western designers.

8, Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood) is a smug, never restless mother of punk. Known as “punk godmother”, “British demon head”. She blame frequently, unconventionally, and at the same time both naive and adventurous, is an inexhaustible theme library; designers also recognize Vivienne Westwood, because they often After diluting her exaggerated design style, she found a way to the classic. In the dual dimensions of history and future, Vivienne Westwood has never stopped creating shocking moments in fashion history to this day.

9, VERA WANG Chinese name: Wang Weiwei, a famous Chinese designer. Called “the wedding queen”. In the annual Academy Awards on the Avenue of Stars, VERA WANG is like the quality guarantee that will never go wrong and never let the actress get the “worst costume award”. VERA WANG’s wedding dress design has caused a wedding revolution in the fashion industry. A VERA WANG wedding dress is like a Tiffany’s six-prong diamond ring, symbolizing the sacred and precious promise of love. The price of a VERA WANG wedding dress is enough to buy a famous car, but it is still popular. Her design style is extremely simple and smooth, without being influenced by the trend, so that the brides who appear at the wedding look like carefully crafted craftsmanship. In 2005, VERA WANG was awarded the CFDA’s “Women’s Designer of the Year”

10. Giorgio Armani, Giorgio Armani is a charming legend in the international fashion industry. The fashion he designs is elegant and subtle, generous and concise, and exquisite workmanship, which focuses on the style of Italian fashion. Giorgio Armani has won more than 30 clothing awards around the world in 14 years, including the famous “Cutty Sark”. He received six record-breaking menswear designer awards. Armani brand’s fashion has gone beyond its own meaning in the minds of the public, becoming a symbol of successful career and modern lifestyle.

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