Why do I have to travel to Europe?

Why do I have to travel to Europe?Why do I have to travel to Europe?

After reading these 6 reasons, you will know!

As one of the most developed regions in the world, Europe has unique tourism resources. If the equally developed United States is more like an upstart and lacks heritage, Europe is like a traditional aristocracy, elegant, educated, abide by etiquette, a little romantic, and a little luxurious. Almost every European country is a tourist destination that people dream of, fantastic natural scenery, strong cultural atmosphere, unique local customs, a shopping paradise with everything, colorful feasts, and rich fun experiences, people can always be in Europe finds its share of happiness. It can be said that in your lifetime, you must travel to Europe once. It has nothing to do with art and people, but to give yourself a new experience and give yourself a wonderful experience.

If you haven’t been to Europe before, or you are not sure about going to Europe, then the following reasons to travel to Europe will surely evoke your yearning for Europe.
Must-go reason 1: Experience multiple styles at once
The European continent is vast and is made up of more than forty countries of different sizes and styles. The distance between European countries is very close, just like the distance between our provinces in China, and the transportation between them is also very developed and convenient. Even if it is a short itinerary, as long as you plan it properly, you can still experience the different charms of many European countries, not to mention Europe is worth our extra time to taste. Moreover, most European countries have joined the Schengen agreement. As long as you have obtained a Schengen visa, you can swim in the Schengen area during the validity period of the visa, eliminating the trouble of multiple visas.

Must-go reason 2: Dreamy natural scenery

You don’t even need to buy souvenirs when traveling in Europe, because just taking a photo is a beautiful postcard. The large latitude and longitude brings a variety of natural landscapes, and Europeans are generally of high quality, pay attention to cleanliness, neatness and sustainable development, attach great importance to environmental protection, less environmental pollution, and authentic natural scenery is well Saved. From the vast grasslands to the continuous alpine valleys, from the lush forests to the silver-clad glacial lakes, the diverse scenery is dizzying and is definitely a visual feast.
The lavender field in Provence, France, lingers in the boundless purple ocean, and the gorgeous rhetoric is overshadowed.

The aurora in Norway, under the background of the night, the colorful auroras are like a clever exercise, drawing a beautiful pattern in the hands of the dancer.

Cape Roca, Portugal, the westernmost point of the European continent, with steep cliffs and vast oceans. Nature uses her magical axe to best explain the “Land ends here, the sea begins in Sri Lanka” on the monument.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of European nature. More mysterious and beautiful scenery are waiting for you to discover.

Must-go reason three: Time is like a song, full of humanity

If it is just that there is good skin in the air, and there are so many beautiful sights, Europe is not worth us to linger so much. From ancient Greek and Roman civilization to the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the technological revolution, until now. Countless places of interest and monuments are like natural monuments, recording the story behind this land. Experienced wind and rain have allowed Europe to accumulate a strong historical and cultural heritage. Architecture, music, literature, drama, fine arts and other arts are rare gems in the world. Just like the wine gets older and more fragrant, the ancient things and modernity collide with sparks, giving new glory. Walking on the land of Europe is like walking on a vivid history book. A large number of dusty texts are released from the pages of the book with step by step footprints and then play like a projector, playing an image that is nostalgic. .
The ancient Roman Colosseum can see the glory of the past from the ruins of the broken wall, and it seems that the deafening sword and growl sounded in his ears.

The Louvre in Paris, the Venus representing love and beauty, the smiling Monroe Lisa, Samothrace Nikki, the symbol of victory, and the three most beautiful goddesses descended on it, making the whole museum shining.

Milan Cathedral, 135 minarets, and more than 6,000 statues make this church magnificent and solemn. Napoleon was also impressed by its charm and once held a coronation ceremony here.

Of course, this is only a small part of the European treasures. I don’t know what kind of story will you tell in this ancient and modern land?

Must-see reason 4: Pilgrimage site for real fans

This year is the World Cup. 32 powerful players from all over the world are about to gather in Russia to ignite the fighting. This is a carnival for audiences all over the world, but for real fans, the Champions League representing the highest level in the world is their feast.

A star-studded lineup of top-tier clubs with a long history. Without national restrictions, many well-known stars form a luxurious lineup, staged one exciting game after another. I usually just sit in front of the screen and watch the game. When you come to Europe, you must come to the stadium to feel the enthusiasm of the atmosphere. Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, Allianz Arena … Many fans’ familiar stadiums carry the feelings and memories of generations. The legendary stories are every day Staged. If you are a real fan, be sure to come to Europe for a pilgrimage, maybe the next night the legend is staged, you will be the witness at the scene.

Must-see reason 5: The most fashionable shopping paradise

If football is the romance of boys, shopping is naturally the pleasure of girls. Europe is a veritable shopping paradise, with many well-known brands headquartered in Europe. The world-famous Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Watch, French Chanel, lv, Herm├Ęs … countless. And European local quality is guaranteed, don’t worry about buying fakes.

Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Milan in Italy, and commercial streets in the United Kingdom are all great places to shop, from small souvenirs to special souvenirs, to expensive luxury goods. You can’t think of everything here, what you want, and the quality here it is good. If you are the most fashionable shopping person in Europe, Europe can definitely meet all your requirements. Bring sufficient “ammunition” and VISA cards, and come to Europe for a big sweep!

Must-see reason 6: Good service and perfect infrastructure

As a developed region, all European countries have well-developed infrastructures, good public order, security, and tourism services. Traveling to Europe is a comfortable vacation. Maybe some countries have the same scenery and stories, but they are in backward areas, where clothing, food, shelter, and transportation are restricted, or the law and order are quite chaotic. Thieves are everywhere and careless wallets are gone. If this happens, even if the country is beautiful No matter how novel and how long history, I believe it is difficult to enjoy the fun of travel. When traveling abroad, the most important thing is to relax and play safely. Most people are not the kind of adventurers who like challenges. If you need a comfortable journey, Europe is definitely your best choice.

The above are the six reasons why you must travel to Europe once in your lifetime. I wonder if it will touch your heart? It is rare to be able to take the time to travel and naturally want to experience as much as possible. Europe is a unique place, with more than 40 cities and customs in more than 40 cities, and it can save you the trouble of applying for multiple visas. As long as you obtain a Schengen visa, you can travel to most European countries, which is very convenient. Whether you want to pursue the times of the times, literati and writers who are like songs, or true fanatics of pilgrimage, or want to take a shopping trip, or just want to see the beautiful scenery, a multi-country tour of Europe will satisfy you All wishes.

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