What is technology?

What is technology?What is technology?

There is a saying in the philosophical world that “familiarity is not true knowledge.” Pascal said that “real philosophy mocks philosophy.” Nietzsche said “as soon as humans think, God laughs.” I’m really confused, especially as a rational animal. How much rationality is there? Reason is unreliable?

I study engineering in university. Of course, there is a problem in engineering education in China. This alternative time says that after graduating, I have worked in the company for 8 years in technical work. Now I have been studying technology philosophy, technology and society for several years, but I am getting confused : What exactly is technology?

There are different opinions in the theoretical world. There are about four types: technology is knowledge; technology is means; technology is tool; technology is the way human beings exist.

As technology of knowledge, it is probably only applicable to modern technology, because in ancient times, technology did not enter into the eyes of intellectuals. It can also be said that at that time there were only craftsmanship and skills, but no technology? Or does technology also include tacit knowledge? In fact, what exactly is knowledge, and no one can say clearly, is it a language symbol or information? Is it known? Equal to not saying. In this sense, to say that technology is knowledge means to say nothing. In the factory, there are two kinds of technology, one can be taught, and the other is practiced by oneself. Is that really technical?

The technology as a means is also unclear. What is the means? Or method? This process is more appropriate.

As a tool, it can only be the external manifestation of technology. Not all technologies are tools, and even many technologies do not require tools or even the body. Just use your brain.

As a technology of existence, it looks more profound. But if you think about it, even smart people like Heidegger can’t figure out what exists, how can I understand stupid?

I think technology is a bit similar to Lao Tzu’s “Tao” or Buddhist “Zen”.

If you look at it, technology is everywhere and everywhere in the human world. Even when tracing the origin of human beings, it must be linked to technology: the reason why the African apes are considered the ancestors of humans is because they are the earliest apes using tools and are closest to humans. In fact, it is technical standards to measure the origin of human beings, not biological standards. Is it difficult to find biological standards? I don’t know. At least there should be a recognition of technology in them.

To be more specific, to the Chinese, technology is a kind of thing that can only be done and cannot be said. Is it because I don’t know? All I know is that Chinese people have a different attitude towards technology than Westerners. Not only the past, but also the present. Although technical philosophy has existed in China for several years, it has no status, both in the philosophical and technical circles. I don’t know if technology is not worth reflecting on, or is technology unable to reflect on it?

Western technology has been inferior to us for a long time. Some people even think that “The Needham Mystery” refers to “Why hasn’t modern technology been produced in modern China?” So modern technology is also missing from the Chinese. About culture and civilization? Anyway, the modern technological world is dominated by the West, so why have we fallen behind? The reason may not be important. What is important is that we must recognize the facts. We do not understand technology, modern technology, the relationship between science and technology, and why the combination of science and technology has such a change.

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