What is lifestyle

What is lifestyleWhat is lifestyle

Lifestyle refers to a series of living habits, living systems, and life consciousness formed by people under the influence of a certain social culture, economy, customs, and family. “Lifestyle is the way and characteristics of individual social groups and the whole society determined by individuals and social groups, the nature and economic conditions of the entire society, and natural geographical conditions.” Lifestyle can be understood as the different levels of people in their lives, The behavioral pattern shown in the cultural circle.

People’s behavior manifests directly and constitutes the manifestation of lifestyle, but the values ​​that govern people’s behavior are implicit, and they are still important components that cannot be ignored. A person’s lifestyle always exists objectively. It can be traditional or modern. However, no matter what lifestyle, there are always many factors to restrict. The components of a lifestyle are composed of the behaviors of life, the time of life, the rhythm of life, the space of life, and the consumption of life.

● American “New Start” Healthy Lifestyle
As a healthy lifestyle, “NEWSTART” is currently very popular in the United States. NEWSTART’s “new starting point” is the acronym of the first letter of the eight basic elements of health. The basic concepts are as follows:
N: NUTRITION Nutrition

In the United States, more than half of patients with chronic diseases and premature deaths are caused by improper diet or overeating. At present, it is advocated to eat plant-based and various unrefined foods. Particular emphasis is placed on controlling salt intake. The physiological requirement of salt per person per day is only about 1 gram. Studies have shown that excessive salt intake is closely related to the onset of chronic diseases such as hypertension.

E: EXERCISE sports

A person walks for 1 hour or jogs for half an hour every day, and insists on 5 times a week. After half a year, his cardiovascular function is enhanced by 50%.
W: WATER water
The body needs enough water for metabolism. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Get up two drinks in the morning, and drink 6 glasses of water between meals. High-sugar, coffee, or alcoholic beverages are not recommended.

S: SUNLIGHT sunlight

Appropriate amounts of sunlight can enhance people’s physical fitness and ability to resist infectious diseases, promote the synthesis of vitamin D3 in the body, and maintain normal calcium and phosphorus metabolism and bone growth and development. Especially for infants and pregnant women: Sunlight is even more necessary. When receiving sufficient sunlight every day, pay attention to skin and eye protection.

T: Temperance Control

The average life expectancy of alcoholics is 12 years shorter than normal. There are also a large number of alcoholics who suffer from mental disorders after long-term drinking. To this end, self-restraint, balance life, and avoid exposure to health-damaging factors such as tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

A: AIR air

Taking in more fresh air is very important for your health. Keep the air in your room and work environment as clean as possible and promote a tobacco-free lifestyle. Smokers have created a time bomb in their bodies, and its explosion will definitely cause death and disease. Active or passive smoking is closely related to various diseases. Avoid breathing harmful gases from factories and exhaust gases from motor vehicles.


Fatigue reduces people’s resistance to colds and hundreds of other diseases, and it increases anxiety and annoyance. Take a break before you feel tired. The only solution to anxiety, tension, and emotional upset is to relax, relax, and relax again. Reducing stress requires adequate rest. Adequate sleep is a guarantee of good health. In addition, participating in social activities appropriately, listening to music, watching movies, TV, watching novels, etc. are also active rest.

T: TRUST belief

Faith is the key to the door to a healthy life. Everyone must have a full understanding of themselves, evaluate their capabilities objectively, properly identify with others, and be good to others. Strengthening the instillation of lifestyle concepts, raising awareness and increasing confidence is an integral part of health promotion.

● Healthy lifestyle in the new era

In 2000, the World Health Organization proposed new guidelines for health promotion of “reasonable diet, smoking cessation, alcohol restriction, psychological balance, and physical exercise.” What is a healthy lifestyle in the increasingly stressful life of modern times? Modern people re-understand the laws of life physiology and life expectancy. People’s understanding of the various modern diseases (arteriosclerosis, hypertension, tumors, diabetes, prostate disease, glaucoma, cataract, dementia, and many common diseases, Frequently-occurring), and revealed that, in the final analysis, are caused by uncivilized lifestyles. With reference to foreign experience and China’s characteristics, the four sentences of today’s human healthy lifestyle are summarized as the four cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle: “reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking and alcohol cessation, psychological balance.”

Adhering to this new healthy lifestyle, hypertension can be reduced by 55%, stroke, coronary heart disease can be reduced by 75%, diabetes can be reduced by 50%, tumors can be reduced by one third, and the average life can be extended by more than ten years. The short four-sentence, sixteen-character policy, and an uncomplicated rule of life make us full of vitality in the healthy lifestyle of this new era. Health is most precious to each of us.

To be healthy, the best doctor is yourself, the best medicine is time, the best mood is tranquility, and the best exercise is walking.
According to surveys, the focus of China’s core longevity experience is a reasonable lifestyle. The core content is: 24 words of persistence inactivity, emotional optimism, regular life, moderate nutrition, quitting smoking and drinking less, and paying attention to hygiene.

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