What is Foods?

What is Foods?What is Foods?

★ 1. If you eat foreign food, you will not be able to return to the world.

“Kojiki” Vol. 1 Izanami was burned and left for the country of Yellow Spring because of the birth of the fire god. My husband, Izanaki, went back, but at that time Izanami had already eaten what was boiled in the rice paddy of the country of yellow springs and was unable to return to the world. 6th article)

“Desperation to Demeter” Persephone, the daughter of the goddess Demeter, was engulfed by Hades, who was picking flowers on the meadow. Hades feeds Persephone with pomegranate fruit. For this reason, she had to live in the Hades Museum in the Underworld, which divided the year of traveling into three (* Similar article in Volume 1 of Chapter 5 of “A Greek Myth” (Apollo Dross) . In “Transformation Story” (Ovidius) Vol.5, it is stated that Proserpina Persephone had eaten seven pomegranate fruits and therefore lived in the underworld for six months a year.]

★ 2. Don’t eat foreign food.

“Suwa’s Homeland” (Goshisako) Kankei Saburo Koga falls into a subterranean hometown and encounters a fox chasing a deer in a vineyard while walking in search of seclusion. Tsuji teaches, “This is a sovereign country, and if he wants to go back to Japan again, don’t eat anything from this country.”

“Legend of Germany” (Grim) 533 “Knight Ulrich, who serves the castle of Wittenberg” Knight Ulrich goes hunting, gets lost, meets a group of dead on horseback (the same number of women as 500 knights) . He follows up to a place of lodging, but a woman who is one of the dead forbids Ulrich to say, “If you are recommended to cook, don’t touch it at all.

“Yamashiro Kunifuki” Ibumi Uji no Hashihime asks her missing husband to go to the beach. When asked at the old woman’s house, it is taught that “The person is a dragon god’s niece, but he abolishes what has been cooked on the fire of Ryugu and eats here.” When I am hiding, my husband rides on Ryuo’s kite and eats. Hashihime exchanges word with her husband and break up crying, but later, her husband came back with her because she didn’t eat anything from a foreign country.

★ 3. If you eat the food of the kingdom of God, you become a fellow of God.

“The story of Adapa” (Ancient Akkad) The human Adapa, made by the hand of Air God, goes to the heavenly Anu God. Adapa does not touch anything because Air God advised in advance that “You must not eat and drink things that have been put out in heaven.” Therefore, he misses the opportunity to become a god and returns to the earth as a human being.

“Golden donkey” (Apreus) Vol. 6 Zeus admits the marriage of Psyche, the human daughter, and Eros (Kupido), the god of love. Zeus commands Mercurius to bring Psyche to heaven. She eats Ambrosia, drinks a nectar, gains eternal life and joins the gods.

★ 4a. The dead eat human world food.

“Taihei Hiroki”, Volume 325, “Tatsumi Iki”, Fumika Natsume appeared at home one year after his death. He called the “Hokkaido Daimori” and had dozens of followers. When the family prepared meals, they ate up and left, but later on, the vessel was filled with food as it was.

★ 4b. The dead don’t eat human food.

“Ametsuki Monogatari” Vol. 1 “Chikuri no Chigiri” On September 9th, the brother-in-law Akana Soemon came back from a distance, so the left gate of Hasebe Warms the sake and recommends side by side. Red holes dislike the smell of sake lees and cover their faces with sleeves. He said, “I am a dead spirit, I’m just in the shape of a human being.” After talking for a while, he said, “This is an eternal parting.”

★ 5a. Curse food.

“Igo no Waka” (Lecture), 5th dan Ai no Sakae is chased by his stepmother’s totals and touches the people. He came to the village of Anafu (= Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture), ate a fence peach, was struck by an old woman with a cane, and struck again to hide in hemp. The young man of Ai cursed, “Don’t become a peach in the village of Anata. Since then, in Aita no Sato, flowers do not bloom or peach, and even if hemp seeds are sprinkled, they do not become cocoons (= the old name of hemp).

★ 6. Give food to many people.

“Golden Legend” 3 “St. Nicholas” A famine occurred in the region where Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) was bishop. He received a small amount of wheat from the merchant ship at the port and continued to share it with everyone on the land for two years, but the wheat did not go away. There was a lot left for sowing.

★ 7a. Use food for purposes other than eating.

“Weapons” (Seicho Matsumoto) The young widow Shimako was struck by an amorous old man, Rokuemon, and struck the head of Rokuemon with a dried sea bream. The ridges were hard and had the same effect as hitting with a log stick. Shimako cuts a number of weapons ridges makes yellow candy and zenzai, and acts as a housewife and children in the neighborhood. Criminals investigating the case also eat it. The murder case became a labyrinth because no weapon was found.

* Kiyomatsu Matsumoto has also written a novel that uses French bread as a weapon.

Legend of Shirome Castle The great army of Mori encircles Gumi Castle in Tottori, cuts off water from the waterfall and prevents water from entering the castle. The samurai who are in the castle are pouring white rice to wash the warhorse and make it appear to be abundant in water. However, unlike when washed with water, the hair of war horses does not change to wet hair color, so it was overlooked that there was no water, and soon fell out of castle (Nichinan Town, Hino-gun, Tottori Prefecture. There is also a form that a small bird caught white rice and was overlooked).

* Float hot bonito on the slope to prevent enemies from approaching.

Chonami Sanami (Toshio Takagi “The Legend of Japan” Vol. 6) Chozo Minami thought “I want to do something interesting” and played the snow in summer. The rice cooked in the cauldron was sprinkled all over the large garden, and the servants walked on the rice with deep clothes. The elder Sanami watched it and clapped his hand (Osawa, Omi-mura, Aomi-mura, Nishikaiki-gun, Echigo).

* Make Tsubaki into a bow → Gundam Tano, the legend of the Ohara chief of 1a, “Bungo Kokudoki”.

* Walking on the frog →Legend that the frog of 1b has turned into a swan.

* Use bread instead of an eraser → Good bread of [Bread] 4 (O. Henry).

★ 7b. Misidentify food (feeling of udon) as another (blood).

“Sukeroku Yuen Edo Sakura” At the storefront of Yoshiwara Miuraya, Kuwanpera Monbei is entwined by the next youth. Sukeroku enters the arbitration and puts a steamed candy from behind Kwanperamonbei. Monbei thinks that the frog hangs down coldly, screams “cut” and pulls his waist.

★ 7c. Conversely, eat foods that are not food in nature, such as manure.

“Yamagami”, “Sakai-Shayari”. A man walks down a mountain, lays a rug on the ground, and sees several people drinking alcohol. The man was drawn into the banquet and enjoyed eating and drinking, but the taste of sake was light and astringent. Because Yamagami came there, everyone ran away. When the man looked closely, there were only pottery-filled pottery and tiled tiles.

★ 8a. Food that cannot be eaten in front of you.

Chapter 2 of “Greek myth” (Apollo dross) Chapter 2 Tantalus dropped into hell is in the lake and is punished while looking at the fruit trees. The water touches his chin, but when you try to drink it dries, and when you try to pick the fruit, the wind blows the branches.

* Is it possible that the story of Tantalus was created as the source of the idea?

“Transformation Story” (Ovidius) Vol. 11 When King Midas touched the bread with his hand, it quickly became firm. When trying to chew a dish, it was gold leaf that hit the teeth. If you drank sake, it was melted golden to flow into your mouth.

★ 8b. I can’t eat pork ham or chicken meat.

“I’m glad that there was death in this world” (Czech old tale) The blacksmith sealed the movement of the god of death (* → [Chair] 1), happily said, “I will not die,” killing the pig in celebration Try to make ham. However, if you hit a pig with an axe, the pig will not die and will run away. Even if you want to eat eagle bird meat and cut it with a knife, the eagle bird is fine. The blacksmith notices. Because the god of death cannot work, neither humans nor animals die. Delicious meat can no longer be eaten forever.

★ 9. I can’t find food that suits me.

“Fast Performer” (Kafka) There was a fast performer in the circus. Once upon a time, his 40-day fasting art was very popular, attracting a large audience. But the times have changed and now no one shows interest anymore. The circus director comes to him and asks. “Are you still fasting?” He answers. “I couldn’t find the right food for me, so there is no specification other than to fast.” Saying so, he died.

★ 10. A person who eats only one kind of food.

“Kabuyaki Shinshiro” (Old Story) Shiro Shiro was baked and eaten every day. He took the daughter of Asahi’s elder daughter-in-law, but when his wife went to Shiro Shiro’s house, there was no rice in the very poor area. Shiro Shiro said, “I don’t need rice,” as usual, baked the head and ate it, but the bride wanted rice [* Shiro Shiro had a fine house and Yonekura. Become a long man →(Kamiai-gun, Iwate Prefecture).

“Shoho Kyozo’s memoirs” 6-3 A monk died and went to the mainland. Enma the Great ordered, “This monk has not yet run out of life, so return to the world”. When the eunuch explained, “The life remains, but the food is exhausted,” said Devil the Great, “Let’s eat Kaefu. Lotus leaf”. After reviving, the monk could not eat the human world food, but only eaten the foliage and kept his life.

40th grade of “Shikan” The many daughters of Indo-koku’s Indo-Dori are beautiful, so many men got married. However, this girl ate only chestnuts and never cereals such as rice. For this reason, Father Nichido said that such a stranger should not marry a person, and did not allow her daughter to marry.

 11. Serve food from the body.

The legend of the cereal god, Shimehime The god of cereal, the princess Oogetsuhime, always rubbed the mouth, eyes, nose, buttocks, etc., and served various foods. At one point, he saw rice trying to treat him with his mouth, and he was angry at “doing dirty things” and killed the gluttonous princess (Sumi-Cho, Naka-gun, Nakane, Shimane Prefecture) ) [* God said, “What kind of mechanism is there in the body of the dinosaur princess?”

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