What is fashion?

What is fashion?What is fashion?

Some people say that fashion is a style; some people say that fashion is a trend; others say that fashion is a manifestation of charm and fashion is an accumulation of culture; and I think that fashion is a way of life, more It is a positive attitude from the heart.

Our work, life, or busyness or ease, but we have never given up the pursuit and yearning for fashion, and everyone is interpreting fashion and interpreting fashion in their own way. And for me, a person who hasn’t really gotten involved in the fashion industry, I’d be happy to share with you some of my fashion insights.

I first felt that I was so close to fashion. It was a few years after I worked in the media. Because of my working relationship, I had more dealings with the media. Once, a person in charge of a magazine said that he would give me an exclusive interview with a fashion figure. This is the first time I have talked about fashion with the media, and it is also the first time that I really have a new understanding of fashion.

For this interview, I still made some small preparations in advance. When the editor asked me “what do you think of fashion”, I just remember that the answer at the time seemed very simple, probably “Fashion is different for everyone, for me fashion is to wear myself Style, live in the moment, do not follow the flow “(fortunately there was a little written record at that time). At that time, I did not have a deeper understanding of the connotation of fashion and the culture of fashion. I just stayed on the basis of trends and perceptions. So that the magazine was forgotten in a certain corner early, maybe it was already cleaned up.

With the increase of my attention to fashion, gradually I began to have a more comprehensive understanding and cognition of fashion, which is a very real process nowadays when I think of myself as being so immature.

In fact, since ancient times, fashion has been popular all over the world. She is all-encompassing and exists in all aspects of life. For example, we have followed fashion in terms of dressing, living space, diet, entertainment, consumption, behavior, and even emotional expression and thinking. , Afraid of myself OUT.

With the changes of the times, fashion has also been given more cultural connotations, such as the minimalism practiced by big bosses such as Jobs and Zuckerberg in recent years, the canvas life advocated by white-collar workers, and the popular Altman Hairstyles, shopping scan codes, shopping habits, yelling, etc. Fashion is everywhere, and because of people ’s relentless pursuit, fashion has made life more colorful and full of infinite tension.

No matter how the society changes and how rich the connotation of fashion is, each of us has his own thought of fashion, and will stick to his knowledge of fashion and yearn for the fashion life he wants, but no matter what, most of the time fashion is just a shell The soul is the most important. It’s like wearing the same clothes on different people, it feels different. Fashion is a presentation of vitality from the inside out.

Similarly, it is very difficult to stick to a style, just like I ca n’t do the black and white gray forever, the solid color forever, but what I hope to do is to dress all the clothes with my attitude , A positive attitude towards life.

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