Travel Tips: Have you brought all these items?

Travel Tips: Have you brought all these items?Travel Tips: Have you brought all these items?

The most annoying thing every time you travel abroad is to organize your luggage, what you should bring, and what you should not bring must be checked again and again! Xiaobian helped everyone organize the luggage packing list to make the journey happier and easier.

File class:

Identity documents need to be carried with you, and important documents must also be kept in order so that they can be used from time to time.
Proof of identity: passport, visa, identity card, international student ID, international youth ID, international driver’s license, etc.

Travel expenses: cash, loose change, bank cards, credit cards, traveler’s checks, etc.
Insurance: Travel insurance, insurance cards, etc.
Other documents: air tickets (two-way), hotel reservations, destination addresses, travel guides, etc.


Sometimes when traveling abroad, you will encounter symptoms such as dissatisfaction with water and soil, and gastrointestinal upset. If you often have such symptoms, some simple medicines are also indispensable for going abroad!
General drugs: motion sickness medicine, antidiarrheal medicine, cold medicine, tape, wind oil, etc.
Special drugs: insulin (diabetics), asthma sprays, etc.

Daily necessities:

Generally, the hotel will provide some simple daily necessities, but for some people there will be customary brands.
Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, bath milk, shampoo, face cream, towel, etc.
Cosmetics: makeup remover, sunscreen, cotton pads, skin care products, etc.
Other daily necessities: wet paper towels, cotton swabs, changing clothes, etc.


In addition to wanting to save money, many people are worried that when traveling to the local area, they will not find foods that suit their tastes, so I suggest that you can bring simple foods to solve the hunger on the road. But do n’t take it anywhere, so as not to be confiscated by the airport customs.
Food: instant noodles, dry food, snacks, etc.
Drinks: tea bags, coffee, etc.


Nowadays it is a common thing to carry out office work or process documents at any time, so electronic products are also very important. Friends who travel often pay more attention!
Electronic products: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.
Charging equipment: adapter plug, mobile power supply (how many PowerBanks can a person take with a plane?), Etc.

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