The Most Complete Travel Guide in History

The Most Complete Travel Guide in HistoryThe Most Complete Travel Guide in History

Do you want to have the most comprehensive knowledge of traveling the world? From philosophy to funny stories, from serious events to stupid events, we have everything you want to know!

Skyscanner is a very professional travel company. We have more than 200 employees from 35 countries (from Thailand to Ireland; from the Philippines to France), and some of us have visited almost all countries in the world.
So we encourage our employees, from CEO to interns, to continue to tap their wisdom. The following Skyscanner will provide you with the most comprehensive travel tips and some interesting facts about traveling around the world as a gift. I believe it will make your journey more comfortable, take a look!

1. The less you bring, the better

When you travel, you only need to take what you should bring with you. Things you do n’t need will only take up space. Do you really need 6 pairs of high heels, tea bags and iron when going out? For details on how to pack travel, you can read “New Tips for Travel Packaging”. The less you bring, the less you travel (no baggage check), faster (without waiting for luggage), and easier travel (preferably carrying only one bag to travel around).

2. Bring your travel guide prepared at home
Just bring a copy of the guide you want to use, not the entire copy. Then discard the used ones, which can reduce space and weight.

3. Don’t follow the wrong team with your child
You can only speed up if you keep up with your team.

4. Don’t wear flip-flops (on an airplane)
I used to work in an aviation company and was told not to wear sandals, it is better to wear strong shoes to protect your feet from heat and sharp objects in some unseen events and some unexpected events.

5. Shake slightly
If the plane you are flying in bumps, you can try to shake your body slightly. No one will notice, because everyone moves due to the movement of the plane. This may sound a little crazy, but your movement will offset the turbulence of the plane and will also eliminate your discomfort.

6. Choose a suitable seat

If you can choose an airplane seat, it’s best to stay away from babies, group chat friends, or women (men tend to use the toilet less often than women).

7. Learn a little jargon
Remember some simple native languages ​​and use them boldly. Although learning dialects is a long process, this will help you to have a chance to get closer to the local people, integrate into the local environment, and reduce the chance of being slaughtered. Learn more “How to avoid the annoyances of Jake when traveling?” 》

8. Talk less
If the city you go to is not safe to drink, it’s best to talk less.

9. Hotels are not the only option
A hotel or hostel is not the only option when you are on vacation. Smart people usually choose a private residential villa or private apartment.

10. Travel alone
Traveling alone may seem daunting, but he gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the travel experience. I have seen a friend journey alone, and as a result, learned a new language and experienced a magical journey alone.

11. Bring a hoodie to travel

Although the hoodie looks informal, it is the best travel outfit. It can help you block light and noise when you want to sleep on an airplane, airport or bus.

12. Choose vegetarian food on the plane
It is best to choose after someone has tried a meal on the plane because the previous person has helped you to try which kind of plane meal is the best, and at the same time, it is best to choose vegetarian food, which can avoid too greasy food (helps jet lag).

13. Bring earplugs
If silence is gold, earbuds are more precious than platinum. Being able to fall asleep on a noisy plane or in a hotel is a great skill that cannot be underestimated in travel.

14. Book the waiting room in advance
If you are flying a long-haul plane, you need to book your own lounge in advance. There is an upfront fee that can provide you with a quiet environment, as well as free drinks, food, magazines, newspapers, WiFi and more. You can also take a few bottles of water with you when you leave the lounge. This makes traveling cheap and easy.

15. Prepare an Internet Device
If you are traveling for a long time, bring all Internet devices that you can use WiFi, such as smartphones or tablet laptops. We didn’t do this because we didn’t want to put some expensive things in our backpacks and carry them around, but the results were incredible and you may not be able to find any mobile network or use expensive data traffic. In fact, free WiFi is everywhere in the world, and you often need a bank account to book travel itineraries.

16. Something extra will be provided on the plane
People who travel frequently on long-haul planes know that some extra things will be provided to passengers on the plane, such as thin blankets because the plane will be cold.

17. Bring an apron
Taking an apron for a lot of functions when traveling, when you lie on the beach, you can use it as a towel to cover up the cold, and also serve as curtains, skirts, clothes, and even emergency bandages.

18. Bring a DVD player to the kids
When traveling with children, you can bring a laptop, DVD player or tablet. Passing time by showing them comics and movies can keep parents quiet for a while.

19. Buy a Noise Cancelling Headphone
A perfect trip cannot be missed without a noise-canceling headset. Although noise-canceling headphones are expensive, when you use them to resist the noise of babies wailing, annoying snoring and chattering teenagers, you will feel that every penny you spend is worth it.

20. Bring a travel eBook
Every time I travel, I can’t do without travel e-books, so you don’t have to hold a pile of books everywhere to wait and exchange with other passengers for reading. This may be part of the fascination of tourism.

21. Check it out before leaving
Whenever you want to leave a place, whether it’s an airport chair, a cafe or a bar, when you’re about to leave, you have to turn around and take a look and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

22. It’s best to roll up your clothes when packing
After rolling up your clothes and packing, you will find that rolling up your clothes is not only space-saving but also not easy to get messy. Fortunately, it is easy to take them out, and the most important thing is not to fold.

23. Use Body Language
Use body language when you are walking in a city with a language barrier and speak the language of your country that others cannot understand. It is the international language of the entire world. Finally, don’t forget to give someone a smile.

24. Bring a money bag and a wallet
There are two benefits: If you are robbed, you can calmly surrender your wallet and continue to travel, eliminating some unnecessary trouble.

25. Don’t change money at your hotel
On the contrary, how to find the best interest rate when you want to shop abroad? Just find a place where you don’t charge fees for credit or debit cards, so you can save traveler’s checks.

26. Don’t bring too much cash
Almost all countries now have ATM machines, so there is no need to carry too much cash with you at all.

27. Bring a deck of playing cards

It is useful to bring a deck of playing cards during the trip. Not only can you spend time during flight delays, but it is also a great invention because it can cross-cultural barriers in different countries.

28. Get a guide
Usually, visit cultural monuments, there will always be a local guide. If you want to broaden your horizons, you can try to use it as a guidebook alone.

29. Be flexible
Use your travel plan flexible. By using the Skyscanner chart to find the cheapest air tickets every month, you can save a lot of costs (you can buy the cheapest travel tickets and get better exchange rates). Read more “How do I use Skyscanner to find ticket prices for calendar months or years? 》

30. Jet lag
Quickly overcome jet lag and try to sync your sleep pattern with the new time zone.

31. Buy Travel Insurance
I often buy a travel insurance when I travel, and some people sound irritated when they buy travel insurance. However, there is still a chance of air accidents, and if they make mistakes, they will lose a lot of compensation.

32. Improve credibility
If you are looking for a good way to upgrade, the best thing is to increase your credibility with the airline. Even if the credit is not very high, as long as the credit is good, they will be rewarded.

33. Panax oil is a magic medicine

This jackfruit oil from Singapore not only relieves muscle aches during travel but also prevents mosquito bites.

34. Don’t just guess
Just because he looks white does not mean he speaks English. Just because he looks Asian doesn’t mean he doesn’t know France. When you think you speak a language and no one around you speaks, be wary of weird faces, you never know what others think.

35. Recognize that we are all the same
Only through travel can you realize that every society is the same and that most views are the same.

36. Abandon everywhere
If you really want to buy the Lonely Planet Guide through a remote path, you must abandon the characteristic scenery everywhere.

37. No plans
Every step of your travel planning will leave a wonderful memory of your trip.

38. Don’t pay attention to trivial matters
Be open-minded and don’t pay attention to trivial matters. Looking back on these things will make you very disappointed and will always remember it.

39. Best Self Travel

Rent a car to plan your own trip, learn about national culture, do whatever you want, and do what you want freely. This is the best choice for tourism.

40. Slow down your pace
Travel is like living and having fun. Don’t always try to reach your destination as quickly as possible. Slow down and you will gain a lot.

41. Dare to challenge
The challenge of travel is more difficult and beneficial. For example, driving to Kazakhstan is a crazy life experience. Flying by plane is just a journey.

42. Sitting is tiring
Even if you have been sitting in a comfortable position, sitting for a long time can be tiring.

43. Just go
If you have a strong desire to travel or go somewhere, then start saving money! Do n’t delay, do n’t postpone, just go, do n’t wait to get old or you do n’t have time to go when you have money.

44. Don’t be suspicious
No smart person is suspicious. I used to travel with a suspicious person. He always suspected that everyone would steal his money or cheat him. He lost his car keys and blamed each of us in the desert at night. It was later found at the bottom of his sleeping bag.

45. Collapsed Guide
If you need to ask for directions in an unfamiliar place, put away your guide and map.

46. ​​Swiss chocolate everywhere
The holiday is coming to an end but what if I forget to buy a gift? Duty-free shops across the country have delicious Swiss chocolates that can be given as gifts to friends.

47. Don’t be angry
Traveling is a happy thing. Don’t always get angry about small things, it will only waste your energy.

48. Wool comes out of sheep
Don’t be greedy for cheap, remember this sentence.

49. Saw half of toothbrush
To save space and weight, saw off half of the toothbrush, the space saved can carry paper.

50. Pretend to fall asleep
If you fart on the plane, pretend to be asleep.

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