More important than life is lifestyle

More important than life is lifestyleMore important than life is lifestyle

I have always felt that what is more important than life itself is lifestyle.
I have seen too many survivors who are rich or poor, keen or dull, charismatic or barren, but rarely see a truly simple and happy person. We are accustomed to being labeled by the world, and gradually bear the pros and cons of adults in the gears of reality day by day, defaulting to mediocrity, or excessive blood, and trying to get a sense of accomplishment, but it is often easy to chase here Under the dunk tension, the original self was lost.
Share the little stories of two friends around you.
Although ordinary, it is not mediocre. I hope you can become your favorite.


Have you seen the clouds at your fingertips over the Georgian Caucasus in the early morning? Are you walking past the silence of the Lion City at night, the elegance at the foot of Paris, or the hot eaves of an unknown town in a small town in South Africa? Have you ever imagined that there are some stories of such joy or sadness in places that we can never reach now?

My answer to the above questions is no.

Perhaps most people, like me, live in a very ordinary living environment, do very ordinary work, and look very ordinary. We are busy and busy all day just to become a very ordinary market people. There is no big ambition, no need to move away, just want to guard yourself a little bit lucky, the siege in the present sense of joy is enough. But at the same time, I also believe that most people, like me, still maintain the most ordinary but human instinctual curiosity about the outside world, just because of these or other reasons, they cannot match the ideal value.

But fortunately, even if we do n’t have to personally experience things in this world, there are always people who can go to places we ca n’t go, taste something we never tasted, and fall in love with someone we dare not love.
Mint is one of my best friends around me. 28-year-old Virgo, with clean short hair, insists on traveling once a month, and never delays her adventures unless there are special circumstances.

When we first met, watching her flight arrangements all day, I once insisted that it was her job as a professional traveler to support her family. Otherwise, who would tirelessly go out and run all day long. Later I got acquainted, and I knew that this girl’s honest job was actually a project manager of a state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. Can you imagine it? A heroine who travels through the mountains, lakes, and lakes with a camera around her neck, even sitting in front of a red wooden table with a serious face, corrects documents. This contrast is really too great.
Of course, what I admire most is her ability to regulate travel and life.

After all, it is not easy to take the time to travel during busy work. Especially in state-owned enterprises, basic attendance must be guaranteed regardless of job saturation. “Where did you free up so much time to travel?” Faced with my doubts, Mint bluntly said, “If everything is just right, then you will never be able to travel”.

In fact, after a period of observation, I was surprised to find that the nodes for updating photos on Mint’s Weibo were just right, and they were all on legal holidays. The holidays I refer to include May Day, National Day, and the three-day or seven-day holiday like the Spring Festival, as well as the weekends four times a month. She can easily arrange them based on her current economic level. Every month Basically you can travel on time. I will apply for a visa to go abroad for a long vacation and take a plane to find interesting places in China for short vacations. Even if I ca n’t afford the time, she will drive to a small flower garden in the suburbs of Shanghai.

Also in a rushed, high-stressed, anxious modern city, some people jumped like thunder, others were quiet, some people cried and screamed at the table after overtime, cursed their bosses, and some quietly cleaned up and turned and smiled and went on. In the night when her spirit was on the verge of collapse after overtime, she was accustomed to patience, took a step, and went to the newly opened small bar downstairs to order a cup of Mojito. When that fresh mint smell popped out of my throat, it seemed as if the signal connected with some wonderful time and space was reconnected with joy.

Mint’s so cozy and relaxed lifestyle is truly reverent.

Adventurous but not impulsive, hate restraint but able to do his duty, then anyone who believes in a free soul has nowhere to sleep, but better than anyone who is capable of self-denial and self-defense. Perhaps the people who truly love this world are always those who do not hang their love and dreams on their mouths.
Of course, some people may criticize that she travels, she takes risks, and she doesn’t worry about her livelihood. She doesn’t have to do things to see people’s faces so that she has enough time to enjoy time!
However, I would like to say that in some places, tickets are never needed.

Thousands of miles to blow the sea breeze of the Indian Ocean, you are too frustrated, you can always buy a flower for yourself on the street. Look at the blue ice of Antarctic ice floes in the framing frame. You are too risky. You can always go to the playground and enjoy the quiet night view of the city by Ferris wheel. Even in your eyes, the possibility of traveling and taking vacations gradually is too extravagant, and you can always choose to adapt to local conditions and customize a small lifestyle for yourself.
By the way, Mint just released the latest 2016 plan, in addition to being curious about the consistency of the unknown scenery, he also added one: take parents out to play.


In fact, I often feel that no matter what form is used to record or tell the story of others, it is not intended to teach everyone to imitate and deliberately approach. Listening to books, readings, viewing scenes, telling the truth, playing music, observing the interesting little worlds around you, in the final analysis, are all “luck born” fortunately, improve subjective judgment through different perceptions of different situations in the outside world, and repair regularity It seems more important to live your own life.

The movie “The Lion King” states that all life in this world has the value of his existence. As a king, you must not only understand but also respect all life, including crawling ants and jumping antelopes.
So is life. Everyone is the needle at the bottom of their youth compass. No matter how big the ambition swells and how wide the radii you want to open, you still have to judge the value by the circle that is completely circled. Some circles are large, and the color elements that they can support are naturally full and abundant.

Some circles are small and can accommodate the emotions and thoughts of the human heart, but they cannot be underestimated. Therefore, whether you are the former or the latter, Count the master of that circle.
It is scary that someone spreads his wings and tries his best to draw a big circle, but deviates halfway, crooks, and finally misses the origin.

The second little story I want to tell is exactly the opposite-life with Madoka can be fun.
He Mu is my reader, a boy who has just gone to college. When he sent me a private message, he opened his mouth and crackled a lot of words that danced, which was concatenated into other interesting and lively clips, which was particularly fun.

As a mountain bike extreme enthusiast, He Mu spends almost all his pocket money on it. He is reluctant to buy branded clothes and is not willing to change to the latest smartphone, but he does not hesitate to invest all material resources that can be poured Go to your hobbies. He told me that the first time he talked, he was accidentally injured. The few days after he lay home from the hospital, the pain and itching couldn’t stop his young heart who was eager to exert strength. While standing on the balcony and watering the flowers, he took a computer and talked to me: “Sister, when can I go out and ride a bike again …”

I rolled my eyes, and I really loved it. I can’t stop the pain. You should take care of it at home.
Although on the surface he was speechless about this attitude of “ghosts and bewildered,” in fact, the feeling of emotions that came out of my heart was more appropriate to use the word moved. There is nothing more valuable than being reckless, and there is nothing more admirable than being alone. Having a high degree of enthusiasm for a thing and being able to persevere for a long time is probably the legendary old cheat. (But still remind friends, if you like it, you must focus on health)

After he recovered, we had a meal at Joy City, Chaoyang.

It is almost the same as imagined, He Mu is tall, smiles brightly as a moon, and the whole body can’t help exude the youthful vigor. Talking about his daily life, the most frequently mentioned words in turn are: cycling, saving money, reading, dislike of exams, and seemingly upset at levels 4 and 6. He Mu is a Beijing boy. He speaks fast, and Hula Hula climbed up a new bamboo language. After another, the funny things that happened to him seemed to be beyond description. He said that his favorite is to ride a bicycle. In addition to a variety of tricks, there are irregular long-distance trips, carry a bag casually, stuff some necessities, and you can slide all the way to the south of the river. Piece.

I went out of the imperial capital, went around Hebei, visited Shandong, ate the grilled chicken in Texas, stepped over the waves of Qingdao, and experienced the gentle and delicate mist and cool breeze at the foot of Huangshan in Anhui. Sat and watched a dark sunset.

There is no specific and meticulous planning for the entire riding process, and most of the time, the destination is adjusted as desired. As an ordinary college student, He Mu has no money, and his pocket money is used to add riding equipment. Compared to Mint’s orderly trip, his riding is also unpretentious.

“The cheapest hostel to stay in, visit attractions that are not too expensive, just pick more humane places to stay, and when you meet interesting people, leave a contact information for each other, I will definitely wait for him to come to Beijing for a visit Warm hospitality, “He Mu said about his daily routine of riding, but couldn’t help but vomit. This summer, he almost vomited while eating Lanzhou ramen all the way, but thinking about the money for a big meal, he was almost enough for him. The cost of going to another city is worthwhile if you want to see more of the world and give up your taste buds properly.

In the face of his joke, I sighed without a doubt, and surely everyone’s life is different. Eat like me, you must not miss the delicious food, while riding enthusiasts like He Mu, would rather save costs and extend the road under their feet.

Interestingly, when he mentioned the Taohuawu Youth Hostel in Suzhou, I was surprised to find that I had stayed there for two nights in May this year. Maybe we have met in different time and space. This feeling is really amazing.
After the meal, I was a bit older when I offered to pay, but He Mu rightly said that this was necessary politeness as a boy. I’m a bit embarrassed. Many of this boy’s life concepts make people feel unconsciously feel warm. Whether it is saving money for investment, or spending money for friends, you can see that this is a passion for love Living people. As Thoreau wrote in “Walden,” a reassuring person can live a happy life anywhere, with an uplifting and optimistic mind, as if living in a palace.

A good life does not have to be expensive.

Comfortableness and poetry are very important. Without the bravery of grandeur, you can try your hand to throw a book and rest for a long time. Sitting on the wavy footprint of Ai Fenglin’s night without parking can free up a piece of leisurely knocking chess pieces and snuff lanterns. From ancient times to the present, each of us has a totally different environment and state. A good life is always similar when summed up, but the excellent and individualized lifestyle behind it has its own insights.

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