How to make your home warmer

How to make your home warmerHow to make your home warmer

Why do some homes have been renovated, and how to decorate and match feel strange, always feel almost something. What the hell is it? Let the Xiaojiale home improvement editor share with you the details of home decoration, so that the details become outstanding.

Why do some homes have been renovated, and how to decorate and match feel strange, always feel almost something. What the hell is it? Let the Xiaojiale Home Decoration editor share with you some home decorating tips to make the home warmer.

Start with small home accessories

Small and medium-sized accessories such as ornaments, pillows, tablecloths, and small pendants are the easiest items to get started. The beginners of layout can start from these, and then slowly spread to large furniture. Small home accessories will often become the focal point of the vision, which can better reflect the owner’s interests and hobbies.

Match by season

Each season has different colors and patterns of home furnishings. Whether it is colorful prints, or gorgeous silk, romantic lace, you only need to change the home furnishings of different styles to change different home furnishings. Changing furniture is more economical and easier.

The color system of home furnishings should be unified to make the matching more harmonious and enhance the overall sense of the living room. The hard lines and cool colors in the home can be softened with fabric. In spring, choose a fresh flower pattern, full of spring; in summer, choose a refreshing fruit or flower pattern; in autumn and winter, you can put on a fluffy pillow to warm the winter.

To put some home accessories together so that it becomes part of the visual focus, a sense of symmetrical balance is important. When there is large furniture next to it, the order of arrangement should be displayed from high to low to avoid visual dissonance. Or keep the center of gravity of the two accessories the same, for example, juxtaposing two lamps with the same style and two pillows with the same color pattern side by side, which not only can create a harmonious rhythm, but also give people a peaceful and warm feeling.

To bring home a breath of nature, it is no simpler way to put some flowers and plants in your home, especially the seasonal arrangement. Flowers are even more important. Different seasons will have different flowers, which can create a completely different space.


First find out the general style and hue, and it is not easy to make mistakes according to this unified tone. For example, simple home design, home accessories with a sense of design are very suitable for the personality of the entire space; natural country style is dominated by natural home accessories.

Editor’s summary: The above is the knowledge about home decoration skills that Dongjiale Home Decoration of Changsha Decoration Company has arranged for everyone. I hope to help everyone. When setting up their homes, many people often want to show everything. But if you put it too much, it loses its characteristics. At this time, the editor of Dongjiale thinks that you can first classify the jewelry at home and put some jewelry with the same attributes together. After classification, you can change the layout according to the season or festival to change different home moods.

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