How much do you know about travel warnings?

How much do you know about travel warnings?How much do you know about travel warnings?

Traveling will do more or less homework and plan unmissable trips, but more importantly, different natural or man-made disasters occur every day under the sky. Before planning a trip, you should pay attention to travel warnings .

Travel alerts are usually distinguished by four colors: gray, yellow, orange, red, and black

Grey alert-alert

Note: Poor public security, robberies, thefts, many strikes, water, electricity, transportation or communication inconvenience, poor environmental sanitation and health conditions, areas threatened by potential terrorists, etc., may affect personal health and safety. You must pay attention to your own safety , Take good safety precautions.

Example incident: North Korea test-fired intercontinental ballistic missiles twice on July 4 and 28 this year, triggering a turbulent security situation on the Korean Peninsula. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately issued a South Korean gray travel warning, reminding visitors to South Korea to be vigilant and to keep abreast of the development of the situation and update the latest information.

Yellow alert-signs of threat

Notes: Political instability, poor law and order, robbery, theft, frequent strikes, sudden food shortages, drought, water shortages, electricity shortages, inconvenient transportation or communication, worsening environmental health and health conditions, mild threats from terrorist Areas, etc., may affect personal health and safety. Be alert, pay special attention to travel safety and review whether you should go.

Example incident: An explosion occurred at the Manchester Stadium in the United Kingdom on May 23 this year, causing at least 19 deaths and 59 injuries. The incident was classified as a terrorist attack. Governments issued yellow travel warnings to the UK.

Orange warning-avoid unnecessary travel

Notes: Coups, extreme political instability, continued expansion of violent armed areas, increasing robberies, thefts or shootings, increasing refugee numbers, frequent demonstrations, reliable information showing terrorist designated areas of action, environmental health and health If the conditions are severely worsened, there may be a regional outbreak of serious infectious diseases, sudden natural disasters, etc., which may affect personal safety and tourist convenience, and should avoid unnecessary travel.

Example event: A magnitude 7. earthquake occurred on August 8, this year in Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan Province, China, which caused 24,000 houses to collapse or be severely damaged. The MAC listed earthquake-hit areas such as Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province as orange tourist warning areas to remind travelers It is necessary to avoid going to the disaster area and pay special attention to your own safety.

Red warning-not recommended

Note: Serious riots, entering a state of war or civil war, civil war broke out, tourist countries have announced the adoption of homeland security measures and other countries have carried out evacuation operations, nuclear accidents, industrial accidents, environmental health and health conditions have deteriorated significantly and Those who may have a large-scale serious infectious disease outbreak, terrorist activity areas, or serious terrorist incidents, etc., which seriously affect personal safety and tourist convenience.

Example incident: A terrorist attack on police in Rakhine State in September killed 89 people and caused armed conflicts. The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised the tourist warning in the area to read, calling on the public not to go and to leave as soon as possible.

Black warning-serious threat, should not go

Example incident: A tourist shooting in the Philippines in 2010 killed many Hong Kong people. As a result, the Philippines was issued a “serious threat” black outbound travel warning by Hong Kong.

The travel warning function, in addition to reminding passengers of safety risks before departure, is also related to travel insurance; many travel insurances have provisions related to travel warnings.

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