How is Fashion Made Artificially?

How is Fashion Made Artificially?How is Fashion Made Artificially?

What is called fashion? “Time” means time, and “shang” means high grade, that is, high-end grade that leads in a certain time range. The transition from ordinary to popular is the process of leading the public to abandon old habits and pursue new ones. In constant selection, people’s tastes also change.

Be a trend leader rather than a follower

New trends are created artificially. As a trend vane, fashion brands must first make choices for users and tell them what is popular. Many celebrities of the same style can become popular models smoothly, because celebrities have great influence, they can easily lead the trend by carrying a bag and wearing a suit.

There are popular colors every year, green grasses in 2017, and ultraviolet light colors in 2018 … So how do popular colors come about? Every year, a large number of fashion color experts from all over the world bring various solutions to Paris, France to discuss the fashion colors in the next 1-3 years. They must comprehensively consider factors such as the environment, technological innovation, and previous fabric backlogs, and finally select a popular color swatch for release by an authoritative organization. As a result, a new popular color is created.

Fashion colors are created. According to this trendy color, and the followers of brands and fabric manufacturers, they have gradually produced a common psychological impression of beauty in the public. The significance of fashion lies in changing people’s consumption habits. There is a concept in social psychology called “social impact”, that is, the interaction of people in social life. Over time, the taste of other people is likely to become your taste.

Fashion is popular and ruined

The trend can be described as “Hedong for 30 years, Hexi for 30 years”. Laval’s law of fashion cycle tells us: “When a trend is popular, it looks cool, and a year ago it may look ahead of everyone, and after 20 years, everyone’s attitude will be cut off. Different, you may think it is ridiculous, fifty years, it is time to start back to fashion status. ”

In Europe in 1350, men’s clothing suddenly became shorter. From a traditional perspective, this change was unacceptable to previous generations. The men’s clothing gradually changed after that, especially after the noble men, middle class, and their servants began to wear very short and close-fitting clothes. In a way, we can say that fashion started from then.

When King Zhao Wuling reigned during the Warring States Period, Zhao Guo was in a period of decline, and small neighboring countries often came to invade. Geographically, Zhao Guo is connected with Donghu and the Huns … These tribes live on nomads and are good at horse archery. They often invade Zhao Guo’s border with cavalry. King Zhao Wuling saw that the Hu people had some special strengths in military clothing: wearing narrow sleeves and short sleeves, and more convenient for daily living and hunting operations; using cavalry and bows and arrows in combat, compared with the Central Plains military vehicles and spears, has more advantages Great flexibility. For the strength of the country, King Zhao Wuling decided to implement “Hu Fu Riding and Shooting”.

Hu clothing is different from the Central Plains wide belt, long clothes and long sleeves, but instead wear shorts, belts, and leather boots. He not only demanded that the army change soldiers, but also all subjects across the country. After the reform of “Hu Fu Riding and Shooting”, Zhao Guo ’s national strength has been greatly enhanced, not only improving the clothing and equipment of the army but also weakening the identity function of the clothing and strengthening its practical functions. The general tendency to change.

Inflation has a close relationship with miniskirts: the shorter a woman’s skirt, the more prosperous the economy; the longer the skirt, the more depressed the economy. The most obvious sign of the economic downturn is that women’s skirts have become longer this year. When the economy is booming, men are inflated, and walking on the street is also looking around, waiting for the spring in the world. Women are encouraged, and skirts are getting shorter and shorter.

When the economy was in recession, business plummeted, men’s incomes fell, and the pressure for survival increased. They were so exhausted all day long that they would not pay attention to women’s beauty, and women had to cover themselves with long skirts. Women wearing long skirts for a long time will increase the consumption of fabrics, promote the development of the textile industry and the cultivation of cotton, thereby stimulating economic recovery. Women’s skirts are getting shorter and shorter, and the fabrics will be slow to sell, which will affect the textile industry, which will trigger an economic crisis.

At that time, the Great Depression of the United States economy, the superstars in Hollywood movies were all in short skirts, beautiful legs were like forests, colorful dances were like clouds, “I do n’t believe in spring breeze”, the economy finally recovered, and the golden age of the American economy ushered in the 20th century. One of the great inventions: bikinis.

Herd mentality causes many people to change themselves because of fashion, wear fashionable clothes and do popular things. But at the same time, some people also reject it. They refuse to follow the crowd and reject the popularity of “Bad Street”. It is this small group of people who are seeking something different that has led to the birth of another fashion.

What exactly do consumers need

Many companies are racking their brains to figure out what consumers really like. In fact, consumer needs depend on products to change and cultivate them.

In January 2007, Jobs announced the launch of the iPhone at Macworld, and Ballmer, then president of Microsoft, felt that it was ridiculous to sell a phone without a keyboard for $ 500. At that time, it was only 99 dollars to buy a full-featured Microsoft mobile phone such as email, music, and Internet access.

Just six months later, the iPhone was successfully launched, just like Microsoft once changed the world. Simple, keyboardless design Many people dare not think before that, the advent of the iPhone has led the trend. It also changed people’s habits.

J.K. Rowling was rejected by more than a dozen publishers when she published the first Harry Potter. It was because of her conviction and persistence that we saw this great work.

Greece has an ancient myth: Greek princess Troy was born with the ability to predict the truth, and she can accurately predict every war and disaster. But at the same time she was cursed not to be believed by anyone. No one believed what she said, and she could only watch people suffer. Nowadays, the leading of the trend requires the prophets like Princess Troy. They are forward-thinking and dare to break all imprisonments. In addition to the prophets, they also need a team that fights side by side. Only by working together can we create a new history.

Spread the trend

Good products also need good marketing. In the second half of the Internet, online communication became the mainstream marketing method. In the digital age, letting the world find you is more important than you finding the world. Traditional marketing methods need to be reinterpreted, and marketing methods that can bring traffic and sales are effective.

For Internet marketing, we must first find the tipping point, which will resonate and pay attention to consumers. A sentence or a picture can quickly detonate your brand. The comics by the comic writer “Great Annie” with the theme of “I’m sorry, I only live 1% of my life”, have quickly become popular on the Internet.

In just one day, I swiped the screen on two social media media: WeChat circle of friends and Weibo: The comics were reposted on Weibo more than 436,900 times, liked 347,300 times, and the comments were as high as 89,000 times. In the afternoon of the same day, the “Great Annie” posted a Weibo, saying that this article has been read more than 60 million times, which is enough to rival the communication effect of large media. In addition, the app she developed, Quick Look Comics, quickly took the top spot on the App Store’s free charts. In one fell swoop, it became the most cost-effective emotional marketing case of the year.

The second half of the Internet is the era of fan economy, where fans are users. In the first half of the Internet, the popular portals began to decline. The microblogs that relied on gossip gradually attracted the attention of users and gained a large number of fans. Whoever owns the user, whoever has the traffic, whoever has the say.

The popularity of the brand is not a coincidence but was born in a careful planning. The pursuit of fashion, the insistence on new habits, the grasp of trends, and the explosion of Internet communication are all indispensable.

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