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National Health Committee: China has formulated 1,224 national food safety standards, which basically covers daily consumption food varieties

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 20th (Reporter Chen Cong) Zhang Zhiqiang, deputy director of the Food Safety Standards and Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the National Health and Health Commission, said that up to now, China has formulated and published 1,224 national food safety standards, involving food safety and The nutrition index is nearly 20,000, which basically covers the food varieties consumed daily.

Food safety standards are the bottom line of food safety, and they are also a guarantee for people to “eat with confidence”. Zhang Zhiqiang said at the 2018 International Food Safety and Health Conference held recently that the National Health and Health Committee has been continually establishing and improving a national food safety standard system that meets China’s health protection requirements around the establishment of “the most rigorous standards.” He pointed out that the construction of this system in China has been hailed as a model for developing countries by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and relevant institutions and experts in Europe, America and other countries.

Risk monitoring and risk assessment play a scientific supporting role in establishing a sound food safety standard system. It is understood that the National Health Commission has set up food pollution monitoring points in 2,808 counties and districts in all provinces across the country, covering all provinces, cities, and 98% of county-level administrative areas; the monitored varieties involve grains, oils, fruits and vegetables, and infant food There are 29 major categories and 259 monitoring projects, covering all aspects of planting and breeding, grain storage and storage, production and processing, sales and catering services, import and export.

In terms of foodborne disease surveillance, Zhang Zhiqiang said that there are 9780 second-level or higher hospitals in the country as sentinel hospitals for foodborne disease surveillance. So far, 17.7 million data related to food contamination and foodborne diseases have been collected, providing important background and scientific data for the formulation and revision of food safety and nutrition standards.

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