Acid-base balance is important for the human body

Acid-base balance is important for the human bodyAcid-base balance is important for the human body

How to adjust the acid-base balance in the body with diet? We often say that acid-base balance, what is the important role of acid-base balance on the body, and how to adjust the acid-base balance with diet?

Why is acid-base balance important to the human body?

During the normal metabolism of the human body, acidic and alkaline substances are constantly produced, and acidic and alkaline substances are also taken from the daily diet. Acidic and alkaline substances are constantly changing in the human body. Such changes must rely on the body’s regulatory function Maintain relative balance. This balance is the acid-base balance, the equilibrium range is PH value 7.35-7.45. This pH value is most suitable for cell metabolism and the survival of the entire body.

All physiological changes and biochemical reactions of the human body are carried out under stable pH conditions, such as cellular protein synthesis, energy exchange, information processing, and enzyme activity, all of which require a stable pH environment. Laboratory experiments have shown that if the pH of human blood is higher than 7.45 or lower than 7.35, people will develop lesions. The pH range of blood is small, and the difference of 0.01 may be close to death. The pH range of body fluids that stay in the body varies widely, such as duodenal fluid, gastric fluid, urine, and feces. When the pH of human body fluids is lower than neutral 7, major diseases will occur. When it drops to 6.9, it will become vegetative. If it is only 6.8-6.7, humans will die. Of course, too high pH will also cause human alkalinity. Poisoning, so the body needs an acid-base balance to keep life healthy.

Balanced pH is a core issue for health and beauty. Should the human body be acidic or alkaline? If it should be alkaline, pay special attention to weak alkaline. The normal pH value of human body fluids should be 7.35 to 7.45. If you deviate from this value, the chemical reaction speed in the body’s cells will change significantly.

The acid-base balance is an important factor for the regulation of the body’s environment and an important condition for maintaining normal physiological activities. Under normal circumstances, the human body can excrete excess acidic or alkaline substances to achieve weak alkalinity through its own regulating effect.

When there is a problem with the body or too much acid is ingested and the body cannot handle it, it will cause a pH imbalance. Knowing your body’s acid-base status does not require checking the pH of your body fluids, but you can self-examine your body or mind. Acidic constitution, if people are prone to fatigue, drowsiness, constipation, bad breath, easy to gain weight, chills, easy joint pain, decreased immunity, prone to lung and kidney function, etc. The acidic constitution is also often called a sub-healthy constitution Is an unhealthy physical condition.

Weak alkaline constitution, strong immunity, less chance of illness, energetic, energetic, sharp-minded, physically and mentally refreshed and much more pleasant, is a good healthy constitution. However, the pH of the human body is constantly changing. It may be acidic in the previous hour, but it will become alkaline in one hour. This requires constant attention to adjustment. Keep as weakly alkaline as possible.

For beauty, balancing pH is an important conditioning method. The skin is a “barometer” of a healthy state, and the acid and alkali conditions of the human body are manifested on the skin. You can also determine the current pH of the body by observing the skin condition. Skin with acidic constitution is dull and dull skin, prone to eczema, hyperpigmentation, Hong Kong feet, enlarged pores, repeated acne, and difficult to heal wounds. Adjusting the acid-base balance in the body is a daily thing, starting from diet and lifestyle.

How should the pH balance be adjusted?

Correct difference between food acidity and alkalinity

The acidity and alkalinity of different foods cannot be determined by the intuitive reaction or subjective thinking of food in the mouth. Generally speaking, those with more inorganic components such as sulfur, iodine, chlorine, phosphorus, etc., can be regarded as acidic foods, such as chicken, pork, beef, cheese, egg yolk, roe, oyster, eel, carp, catfish , Abalone, shrimp, white rice, flour and pasta products, barley flakes, peanuts, fried tofu, asparagus, sake, beer, etc.

Those with more sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and other ingredients can be classified as an alkaline food. Such as tofu, soybeans, green beans, spinach, lettuce, turnip, radish, bamboo shoots, sweet potato, potato, onion, eggplant, cucumber, watermelon, kelp, citrus, star fruit, banana, apple, grape, persimmon, milk, protein, coffee , Strawberries, cabbage and so on.

Two ways to help you acid-base balance

1. Reduce intake of acidic foods: In order to prevent the acidification of human tissues, blood and body fluids, the daily intake of acidic and alkaline foods should be controlled at 1: 2 to ensure a balanced nutritional intake. Eat more alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and soda. When eating acidic foods, especially meat, be sure to eat plenty of vegetables at the same time. The calcium and potassium in the vegetables are used to neutralize the sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid in the meat.

Eat “alkaline” healthy people, “kelp can be said to be the king of alkaline foods, and eating more kelp can well correct the acidic constitution.” In addition, people often say that drinking tea can relieve fatigue, in addition to the exciting ingredients in tea, Theophylline “neutralizes” the acidic substances in the body and also relieves fatigue. After a lot of exercises, the body fat mobilizes to produce lactic acid, which makes our muscles sore. At this time, we eat an apple and eat with

Since the acidic body is the result of a large intake of high-fat, high-protein, and high-calorie foods, you should eat these foods as little as possible. When you really want to eat them, you can pair them with alkaline foods, such as putting kelp when stewing meat, adding radish when roasting beef, and so on.

2. Maintaining healthy habits Mood and mood have a great impact on the acidification of body fluids, so maintaining a happy mood is very important. Outdoor sports and exercise are a good way to relieve stress; staying up late will increase the body’s toxins and the body is acidified, so try not to stay up ; Eat after 8 pm, due to the slowdown of metabolism, food tends to stay in the intestine to become sour, ferment, and make the body sour; eliminate bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

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